Small Bible College, Now University Makes Global Impact

7 04 2009

DUNBAR, Wisc., Apr 07, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Anyone driving along Highway 8 in Wisconsin, 85 miles north of Green Bay, probably wouldn’t notice many signs of life. But along this route is a small university that is showing true life to people all over the world. The Christians that graduate from this university are vehicles for that change, and they will now be even better prepared.

Located in Dunbar, Northland Ministries announced today the formation of Northland International University to expand and adapt its approach to Christian education, equipping its students for making a difference around the world. The university’s mission is to prepare the next generation of servant leaders to fulfill the Great Commission, reaching the nations with the truth about Jesus Christ.

“Northland is responding to what’s happening around the globe,” said Dr. Les Ollila, Northland’s chancellor. “Northland International University is our answer for providing the necessary biblical, practical training and resources to churches and Christians worldwide to fulfill the Great Commission in today’s exciting global culture.”

“Innovations in technology, transportation and communication have led to unprecedented opportunities to proclaim Jesus Christ,” said Dr. Matt Olson, Northland’s president. “The new name more clearly represents how Northland will use these innovations to accomplish the mission God gave to reach all nations with the good news about Jesus Christ.

“With this training, graduates will be better suited to cross borders that were once impenetrable by foreigners sharing their faith,” continued Olson. “The training and degree from Northland International University will provide Christians with skills to enter and exist in international and cultural settings–all with the goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Northland International University consists of four divisions: Northland Baptist Bible College, Northland Graduate School, Northland Online and Northland Center for Global Opportunities. Videos of university administrators discussing the changes can be viewed by visiting the university’s website, Ollila and Olson are joined by Dr. Sam Horn, vice president of ministry training and Dr. Jim Bennett, vice president of academic affairs.

The Bible College will remain Northland’s foundation. Northland Graduate School is now separate from the college and continues to expand. Northland Online will be the outlet to equip churches and Christians worldwide who are unable to attend the physical campus. The Northland Center for Global Opportunities serves as Northland’s collection of practical resources to create opportunities locally and internationally to live out the Great Commission.

Founded in 1976, Northland International University exists to train the pastors, missionaries, teachers and godly laymen of tomorrow. Located in Dunbar, Wisc., Northland enrolls approximately 650 undergraduate and 100 graduate students, representing 45 states and 11 foreign countries. Northland International University offers more than 30 undergraduate programs and five graduate programs to students who are preparing to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ around the world. For information, visit the website at

SOURCE: Northland International University

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The Influence of College

30 05 2008

It’s hard to believe, but I’m already half way through my college career.  I’ll admit, my family and my church don’t see eye-to-eye with me on a few things.  They’re definitely more conservative, and I’m a lot more open minded.  Before I started going to Northland, a pastor friend of mine from another church that is more like-minded with me, asked me why I was going to a conservative school rather than a more liberal school?

Besides the fact that my parents wouldn’t let me go to a less conservative school, I really wanted to go to a place that leaned more on the conservative side so I could compare my views with theirs and be able to better know where I stood on certain things when I graduated.

As I went to the school, I actually started leaning more to the left, and drifting farther away from where the school stood (or so I thought).  Especially this last semester the Lord revealed to me my own ignorance, and I came to realize how close I actually am to where my school stands.  He also taught me that a lot of what I did was to be different for different’s sake, but that’s not why we should do things.

So now I’m actually coming back to the more conservative side of certain things.  Some of the stances I’m starting to take I never would’ve thought I’d be taking a year ago, and some things I know I never would have taken a stand on had I gone to a more liberal school.

I remember in high school having lunch with an evangelist friend, Will Galkin, and he told me that you come out thinking like the school you go to.  I went into school determined to make my own decisions, and for that reason I was blocking a lot of what others were saying and building unstable philosophies.  Now I’m starting to listen, and I’m actually finding myself agreeing with what they’re saying, and I’m beginning to change. I’m half way through, and I can already see the affects that my school is having on me; and from my perspective, it’s not a bad thing.

College has an influence on how we think.  For that reason it’s important to choose wisely.


NYC Missions Trip

16 05 2008


I haven’t mentioned this on my blog before, but I’m leaving today to go up to New York City for a week long missions trip. I’m staying in Manhattan at a missions home called the Angel House, run by Bill Jones; its a nice four-story apartment. Our group is pretty diverse. We have four people from my school (Northland), some of the pastoral staff from my church, and a college group from a church in Georgia.

It’s been a blessing to see the Lord provide the money for this trip, and even a way to get up there. Some things fell through, and I wasn’t sure how I was getting up there until last night. So now I’m driving over to Greenville, SC where I’ll meet the GA team and drive the rest of the way up with them.

Assuming I have internet, I’ll be posting daily updates throughout the week with pictures. If not, you’ll just have to wait until I get back to hear how things went. Please be praying for us as we minister this next week. Our main ministry will be focused on street evangelism and open air meetings. It looks like we’ll also be helping in the local church with the weekly services and Bible studies they do.

Alright, I’m off to New York!