Don’t Waste Your Summer: Save

17 06 2008

Yes! The summer’s here and you’re working again. Finally, you can afford to buy that awesome video game or get your own car. It’s nice being able to have some cash on hand after a whole school year of spending money but not making any. By the title, you already know where I’m going with this post, but don’t just write it off yet; here me out.

I’m not going to tell you you shouldn’t spend money during the summer because money is meant to be spent; but recently, I’ve been saying this a lot, “there’s a time and a place for everything.” What I mean is, eventually you have to get a car, but do you really need it this summer? If you really need a laptop, can you afford to be buying that new video game?

There are certain responsibilities that we have and priorities that must be placed in the right order. For those of you in college, you already know how much money is being drained from your pocket. For those of you who are still in high school, you may think you know what to expect financially, but there’s nothing like experiencing it.

There are some major investments coming up for all of us as young people, no matter what stage we’re at in life. They just keep getting bigger, and you need to be ready to face them. But how can you face the financial wall with no money to help you get over it?

Figure out what you really need and what you can afford, then start looking for the best price. Sometimes there are big needs, but you’re going to have to learn to forgo those needs if it’s something that’s holding you back from a bigger priority like your school bill. Think about it, what good is a laptop meant for school if you can’t even afford to go to school?

Even the small things add up. If you take a sack lunch instead of spending $5 at a restaurant during the work week, you can save at least $250; and that can buy you a nice camera, a desktop computer, some new clothes, or even some good books. Just by making lunch for yourself.

In addition to that, part of saving is doing the research before you buy. Researching helps insure that you are getting a quality item that will serve you well and last for a long time. Good and bad quality can be found in anything you buy, so research accordingly.

That’s a very practical way of not wasting your summer. You can take it or leave it.

Just don’t waste your summer!

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