Live Blogging Carson and Piper

23 04 2009

I’m here at Park Community Church in Chicago. I’m live blogging Don Carson and John Piper as they talk about “The Pastor as a Scholar and the Scholar as a Pastor”. You can follow the live blog by Clicking Here.


Carson on Five Trends in the Church Today

30 09 2008

D.A. Carson is the man when it comes to modern culture in the church and Christianity in general.  He has written the book Christ and Culture Revisited, and most recently, he’s given a list of 5 trends that are commonly seen in the church today.

1. It is important to observe contradictory trends.
2. Current evangelical fragments are moving into a new phase — into polarized “clumps.”
3. The most dangerous trends in any age are the trends that most people do not see.
4. There is a trend in our churches to be consumed by social concern.
5. There is a trend in our churches to emphasize discipleship over the gospel.

Read the whole thing.

HT: Justin Taylor