I’m in the class of 2010 at Northland Baptist Bible College, majoring in Theology. The Lord’s calling me into some sort of missions, but I’m not sure where exactly.  I specifically have a burden for reaching the unreached and going to the remote areas of the world.  Right now I’m completely open to whatever.  China, Africa, Europe, it’s all ministry to me and they all have needs.

At school, I’m the current director for Open Eyes, a student missions group on campus. What we try to do is express the needs and opportunities of missions to students through different presentations and activities throughout the semester.

I work as a freelance writer.  Basically writing about whatever the clients want me to write about.  I’ve done some travel writing, technical writing, and other stuff.  You can read more about my writing services here if you’re interested in knowing more about what I do or if you’re interested using my services.

This blog is my way of connecting with the outside world, and expressing my thoughts on life through a biblical perspective. I’m not into writing about really deep theological matters. On the contrary, I like to keep things simple and bring people back to the basics and main things of Christianity.

Every once in a while I’ll write about personal things going on in my life; but overall I want this blog to be a blessing to you as a believer and a testimony to you if you don’t claim to be a Christian. I want my writings to make you think and help you know God more.

Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think. If you have a question about anything, you can also leave a comment or contact me by one of the means on my contact page.


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28 03 2008
DJ Cimino

I see your from Knoxville and will be at the Band of Bloggers for TFG2. I live in Lenoir City and will be there too. Hope to see you there!

29 09 2008
Barry Wallace

I enjoyed browsing your blog. I wish I’d been at the DG conference! Sounds like it was great.

29 09 2008

Hey, thanks for browsing. The conference was great, you should definitely get the sermons online.

7 10 2008
Chris Brauns

Thanks for the link. It’s exciting to learn about young guys like yourself.

7 10 2008

Hey Andrew. I tagged you on the last post on my blog. I am excited to hear some random stuff about you.

30 04 2009

Thanks Andrew for sharing about the stuff you believe in! I just think all blogs are amazingly high-tech! I’ll definitely be checking in some more!

1 01 2012

Thanks for sharing!

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