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28 09 2010

The Core has been a faithful blog to me for serveral years but it’s time to move on now. I’ve graduated college, and I’m starting a new chapter in my life.  My new blog, Live [Simply] Free, is more focused and really defines and depicts this new journey in my life.

Live [Simply] Free is about setting and accomplishing goals which could include:

  • Having no debt
  • Living your wildest dreams
  • Traveling and living anywhere
  • Being more productive
  • Enriching your relationships

All through simplifying your life, commonly referred to as the minimalist lifestyle.  The less a person has, the more freedom they have to do.  This is my journey as I seek to live that kind of life, and what I’m doing to make it a reality.  I hope to inspire others to follow.

Hi, my name is Andrew Randazzo.  I’m the sole creator and writer of Live [Simply] Free.

Andrew Randazzo

I grew up in a Christian family and lived a pretty good life.  I ended up going to college to study Theology, but I was questioning a lot of things (ie. faith) and getting really tired of the rat race.  After finishing my BA in 3 years, I took a step back to figure out what life was all about.  I became resolute in my faith, and I realized that I can rush towards a goal and die the day before I reach it and miss all the opportunities that were around me in the present.  I’m done rushing around, and I’m all about living in the moment and squeezing the most of life.

I believe there’s more to life than what our society is settling for.  Life is all what you make it to be, and I choose to live extraordinarily.  I believe we all have a higher purpose to serve God and serve others, and that that life is the most fulfilling life one can live, and nothing can be done apart from Christ.  That’s the premise of this blog.  Below is a little bit more about me, and you can also check out my Life Rules:

  • I’m a hard core Christian
  • I’ve spent a few years living in Venezuela
  • I have a degree in Theology from Northland International University
  • I currently live in the beautiful city of Knoxville
  • I am an EMT
  • My future plans are to go through Paramedic school and then get my RN
  • My hobbies consist of swimming, blogging, and wakeboarding

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