Chicago Ministry

4 04 2009

Here I am in the suburbs of Chicago.  I’m here with 60 other students from my school.  We’re here this weekend to help a loacal church with some evangelization.  We’ll be hitting the streets downtown in about an hour.  For now, everyone is still getting themselves ready and the women of the church are preparing us a big breakfast.

It looks like we’ll also be helping with a homeless ministry tonight while the other half of our group helps with a youth rally.  I’m looking forward to this.  To be honest, my sanctification is hard to start up this morning.  I’m going to keep hitting the Book and talking myself back to the cross.  God is good, and today will be no exception to his goodness.




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4 04 2009

God bless your time in Chicago! Keep your eyes on the cross and keep pressing on!

5 04 2009

I want update!

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