Thoughts On Consistency

26 03 2009

I was praying through a list of people yesterday, and there was a guy who asked for consistency in his walk with the Lord.  As I was praying for him, I was trying think through how I could specifically pray for him to be more consistent.  These are just some of my thoughts:

  • A consistent walk implies an ongoing action which means that having our devotions everyday isn’t the only thing that constitutes as being a consistent walk because it’s something that happens at one point throughout the day.
  • Consistency in our walk means taking a thought from our devotions and prolonging it through meditation throughout the whole day.
  • Consistency in our walk means striving to be more dependent on God throughout the day by becoming more habitual in bringing things (even the small things) to God in prayer.
  • Consistency in our walk means striving to retain the mold of the image of Christ for longer periods of time.
  • Consistency in our walk means letting the love of Christ control our every though, word, and action.



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