Happy Reformation Day!

31 10 2008

Reformation Day is a day of commemorating the Reformation Movement and the men God used to lead this movement.  Men like:

I know there are some who know more than others about the Reformation, and some would criticize others for claiming to be reformed with little knowledge of what it is. I, however, would object to such criticism.  You don’t have to be an expert to celebrate reformation day enthusiastically any more than you need to know about Easter or Christmas.  It’s the simple truths that we can all cling to.

I know there’s a lot entailed with reformed ideas.  A word often synonymous with the Reformation is Calvinism.  I don’t stand as an authority on that subject, in fact I’m still building my biblical support for where I’m at.  All I can say is that I know men like Martin Luther fought and some died for the authority of the Scripture, the sovereignty of God, and salvation by grace.  To me, that’s something any Christian should be able to celebrate.

In light of that, Happy Reformation Day!!!



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