Fear God and Keep His Commandments

28 10 2008

This semester is full of lessons that are growing me by leaps and bounds.  One such lesson would be found straight out of  Ecclesiastes 12:13.  It says, “The end of the matter; [after] all has been heard.  Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”

I can’t get over that statement because it changes your whole priority as a person.  There’s a huge push in the reformed realm to read a lot of books and there’s always a “latest-greatest” book to read.  I’ve been caught up in that push and I have at least a couple hundred books on my shelf that are waiting to be read.  However, there is a much more pressing need.

Books are a great thing, and I’m not one to advocate that we should only be about reading our Bible, I think we can definitely find biblical support against that.  I am saying, though, that we need to make sure our priorities are in line.

For me, I don’t know God’s Word.  My memory base of Scripture is incredibly small, and though I know generally what each book of the Bible is about, I really can’t break it all down into specifics.  Now, how am I suppose to fear God and keep His commandments if I don’t know Him and what He says and where.

I’m done fooling myself by thinking because I know theological terms and I’ve got the logic to support it that I know enough of the Bible that I can start tearing through books.  The truth is, I can argue a doctrine with logic, but if asked for Scriptural support, I will close to none if any at all.   Logic is no good without the truth of God’s Word to give it authority and power.

I can fool a lot of people with my logic, but logic doesn’t save or change lives.  Only by the very Words of God are people changed and that’s all it takes.  This summer in NYC, I was witnessing by just having people read verses.  If they didn’t believe it, I kept making them read it after 3-5 times reading it, they actually believed it and accepted it as truth.

Another example would be this past weekend.  My friend was having a hard time with some things going on in her life, and I’m trying to give her some encouragment, admonish her, and give some solutions.  I talked to her the next day about it, and she was very honest with me about it and told me that what I had to say wasn’t very helpful or encouraging; but one of her friends spent time with her later that night and just quoted Scripture for about an hour to her and she said that was exactly what she needed.

The difference is obvious.  I used my logic and my own words to try to help her, and the other person said nothing except quotes from Scripture.  The truth of God is incredibly powerful!  And I need that more than anything else right now in my life and I need it if I ever want to a real help to someone.

So yah, I’m on the war path to search out God right now and gain more fear and more knowledge of Him from Him and no where else.




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28 10 2008
Rebecca Jeffcott

Hey… I’ve had some of these same thoughts today… especially related to counseling (Lyndsay and I were talking…) Thanks for posting ’em. I’ll be praying for you as you continue to immerse yourself in the Word, which truly is living and sharper than any two-edged sword.

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