Can the pagan sing lullabies to comfort the redeemed?

28 10 2008

I am so grateful for the friends God has put in my life.  I was admonished through an email sent by a friend the other day.  It was in response to a comment I had made about secular music.

Can the pagan sing lullabies to comfort the redeemed?
What can the pagan say that so resonates in the heart of a child of God?
Has a heart been regenerated if it finds fellowship with the still
stone-hearted siren?
If the pagan meets us where we are at, should that not startle us out
of our carnal rebellion or apathy?
If the Word alone is to be the counsel of the Christian, why would he
cuddle up close to be counseled by the word of the wicked?
When the Mighty Savior radically transforms a vile sinner, shall he
remain in his worldly ignorance, continuing to follow the pagan pied



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