ESV Study Bible Giveaway

7 10 2008

There are actually two places out on the web right now that are running contests for a free ESV Study Bible.  The ESV Study Bible just came out, and it has been gaining widespread popularity.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enter and win a copy of this great study Bible.

Monergism: They’re giving away 5 copies of the ESV Study Bible.  All you have to do is enter some basic information and they’ll randomly draw from the entries.

Boundless Line: They have 17 copies of the ESV Study Bible that they’re giving away every weekday between now and Oct. 17th to the person who can write the most convincing email about why they should get a copy of the ESV Study Bible.




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1 11 2008
Bible Verses

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1 11 2008

Thank you, Lord willing I plan on doing so.

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