The Future of American Education

3 10 2008

“In the future, the great republic may only have blog schools, those
being schools where students are taught to sit in their underwear in
front of their luminescent laptops and pound out semiliterate diktats to
an — for the most part — unobservant world. Today the amalgamation of
all this indignation is called the ‘blogosphere.’ Its competing rants
are treated occasionally as significant in the media, though lunatics
howling on street corners are not. Very curious.”–Emmet Tyrrell on the
future of American schools of journalism.

HT: Carl Trueman



One response

3 10 2008
Michael Krahn

I’m so tired of hearing this from the old guard. Boohoo, grab a box of tissue. Blogs are only as influential as the number of people who read them. I don’t see many blogs that have a lot of readers that don’t also have quality writing on them…. at least in our slice of the blogoshere.

The very notion that because you get paid to write makes you somehow more worthy to be read is ridiculous. Britney Spears is paid, in advance, to sing the lamest crap in the world… but she gets paid and I don’t – so that makes her music better than mine, right?

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