Cross-Cultural Challenge for Mark Driscoll

2 10 2008

Recently, Mark Driscoll went to Australia for two weeks to speak.  As with his recent sermon at the DG National Conference, he didn’t sugar coat the issues at hand.  He addressed 18 problems that he saw among Christians in Australia.  When he left, there were mixed feelings about what he had to say.

In response, the Dean of St. Andrew’s Cathedral wrote his thoughts on the matter:

His [Mark Driscoll] address to us in the Cathedral was more that of a prophetic preacher than an expositor of the Bible. He spoke as a Christian friend about the problems he sees we have. As such, it is important that we weigh what he says (1 Corinthians 14:29).

There were three mistakes that the Dean said could be made concerning such a message and messenger: “The first mistake is that of reactionary defensiveness….The second mistake is to become a sycophantic follower….The third error is to do nothing.”

The Dean said that….

Mark Driscoll’s challenge to us is timely and helpful. But his criticisms may be more helpful than his solutions. The gulf in church life between a denominational church in Sydney and an independent church in Seattle is quite enormous. Our theological perspective on church and ministry is also quite different.

What I’ve learned in my missions classes and dealing with international students is that Christians around the world should share the same principles, but because of the culture, the principles are applied in very different ways many times.

Despite the cultural difference and in closing, the Dean said, “But it will be an irrelevance to his message – for his challenge to us was to get moving, to take initiative, not to wait around to be told what to do next.”

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