Apple iTunes May Shut Down Today

2 10 2008

It will be interesting to see who blinks first today with a possible downloadable music track royalty rate increase. Apple has publicly stated it may close iTunes if the increase passes.

Not cool!  What will we do without iTunes!?

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2 10 2008

It makes me think of how dependent we are on itunes. Think of how many people would flip if itunes shut down! It’s a way of life for everyone. It seems strange to think that not too long ago all we had was tapes, I wonder what people would happen if we went back to that…

2 10 2008

True, we are dependent, but not always to a bad extreme. Let’s put it in this perspective. A lot of us have iPods, and if there’s not iTunes, our iPods become obsolete unless something is made to replace iTunes.

But still, those are some good thoughts and it is something we need to be cautious of.

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