$700bn Bail-out Passes

2 10 2008

We heard that $700bn bill to bail-out Wall Street got shut down on Monday, but the House revised the bill and this time it was passed.  There’s a few changes like tax cuts for small businesses and things of that sort. Read full story.

My professor says we’re on the road to a Socialistic order of governement.  Perhaps, but it could matter less to me because I’m under the impression that something has to change in our government before the end times.  So, if my professor’s right, we’re one step closer to the return of our Lord.




One response

2 10 2008

Ha ha! I thought that was happening anyways. Our country is not that far from socialism. Equality to all. Social welfare. Equal taxes for all. No guns. Etc. I find it especially interesting that Obama supports all of this. His beliefs are socialistic to the core. (no pun intended) 🙂 I am about 90% sure that Obama is going to “win” the Presidency which will most certainly usher in a whole new era. Then again, just my thoughts. They can feel free to threaten me with the Lord’s return as long as they like though.

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