John Piper’s New Illustrated Book on Job

30 09 2008

While I was at the Desiring God Conference, they played us a clip of the new Illustrated Job.  Basically, John Piper wrote a poem about the life of Job, and they finally took his poem and put it into book format with some really cool illustrations.

You can read more about the book by going to the website, and there you’ll also be able to watch the promo video that I saw at the conference.



3 responses

30 09 2008

my friend illustrated this book. His art is in my house.

1 10 2008

Dude, that’s sweet.

2 10 2008

I love that poem. I listen to it in times of hurt, disappointment, and deep pain. It makes me cry every time. It is definitely a blessing of God to have someone like Piper to be able to illustrate Scripture in such a beautiful, eloquent way.

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