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29 09 2008

RefTagger is a free web tool that automatically turns all of your Bible references into hyperlinks to the passages at RefTagger can also add an icon that is hyperlinked to the passage in Libronix and a tooltip window that displays the passage when you hover over the reference. So if your website says, “My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28,” RefTagger will instantly turn it into this: “My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28.”

Your readers will be able to have immediate access to any of the Bible passages that you mention. All you need to do is copy the customizable code that we provide for you below and paste it into your website’s template file(s), and it will instantly be applied to your whole site—all past and future content! Because RefTagger uses JavaScript, it doesn’t make any changes to your site’s files. If you decide to remove RefTagger from your site, it’s as simple as deleting the code from your template file(s).

What kind of sites does RefTagger work on?

RefTagger will work on just about any website or blog. It is easiest to set up on a site that uses one or more template files because this allows you to make global changes to your website by editing only one (or sometimes a couple of) file(s). If your site does not have a template file, see the FAQs below for help on setting up RefTagger most efficiently.

Here are sites that have been tested and are known to work well with RefTagger:

Blog Sites

Forum Sites

Content Management System (CMS) Sites

Wiki Sites




3 responses

31 12 2008

Is your reftagger working? It’s 10:42 Central time 12/30/08 and my tooltip has been down for two hours. The link works but the page says error on page and the tooltip stays empty.

18 02 2009

any ideas why I’m still having trouble getting mine to run? the code is posted as instructed and it’s not a browser deal, yours works fine for me. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

14 09 2010

Any hope for getting reftagger to work on ?

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