Session 4 – Mark Driscoll

28 09 2008


Feed the sheep.
The Bible says to be kind one to another.
That doesn’t mean we’re kind to the heretics.  A sheep isn’t kind to a wolf.  We’re supposed to be kind to other believers.
Rebuke the swine.
Amos 4:1 – women are called “cows of bashan”
Amos 5 – woe to you
Ez. 16, 23, – whoring (NIV)
Pro. 19:24
Shoot the wolves.
With the wolves, you cannot be too severe.
Matt 23:13,
Call people what they are.
Some people don’t fight, some people run away from fights, some people fight about everything, and some people don’t care about fighting.
Even if you don’t want to offend people, it’s inevitable when you use the Gospel.  Jesus was murdered for the Gospel, so we should expect at least a little opposition.
You must shoot the wolves, and occasionally you have to name them.
Bark at the dogs.
These are the “religious” people.  There are two types of these people: the depressed and the proud.
We are to be scoffers and mockers.  Ps 1 says not to mock God, but we find God mocking others all through the rest of psalms.
Ex 32:24 – all our works are filthy rags, like a bloody tampon
Is. 44:15-17
Pray for the shepherds.
Unlike Jesus, pastors don’t know people’s hearts.  They discernment to pick out the wolves from the sheep.
Before you pray for them, consider their context.  Don’t judge someone by your context.
Pray that they’d have a tender heart towards Jesus and others.
Pray that they’d learn to have selective hearing.  Not everyone that speaks or everything that is said is worthy of listening to.

Piper said to Driscoll – I don’t agree with where you were, I’m not always sure where you’re at, but I’m hopeful for where you’re going.

Concluding Thoughts

It was somewhat difficult to take notes because the style of his preaching.  Others have so many good points that keep me writing non-stop the whole message, but Driscoll took made very few points and kept harping on them which accounts for the short outline.  Driscoll mentioned how he is very harsh on stage, but he’s a completely different person off stage when he’s praying and crying with rape victims.

Mark Driscoll could go from funny to incredibly serious and back to funny very quickly and the congregation would make the transitions just as quickly.  This was the first time I wanted to hide because of the veracity of preaching.  Out of all the preachers so far, Driscoll by a long stretch like Usain Bolt read more out of the scripture.  In fact, it really seemed like he was just preaching by reading the Scriptures with such emotion and realness.

Honestly, there was so much, you have to visit the events page (i know it’s out there but i couldn’t find it) and download this message for yourself.  Words cannot describe the power and impact of this message.

2008 Desiring God National Conference



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