Session 5 – Daniel Taylor

28 09 2008

The single best way of conceiving of faith and the life of faith is a story in which you are a character.

Your task is to be a character in the greatest story ever told.

The best way to think of faith is as a story in which I’m a character because stories are God’s idea.
Shalom is doing things in all places what they are created to do.
It’s a story that God invites us to be a part of, and the story is creation.
The best way to live is by proving God’s story.
Propositions arise from the ideas of the stories of those faiths.
Propositions are the short hand for the stories.
Stories are the best way of instructing the next generation.
Stories are God’s ideas, it fits how we are made and how we live.
We’re made for stories because we’re social creatures.
The most common and powerful way of relating to people is through stories.
Like faith, stories engage us as whole persons, not as parts.
No one believes anything important with the intellect alone.
Believing enlists all the aspects of the mind.
It engages the emotions, desires, affections, fears, and will.
How we believe is affected by temperament and character.
Don’t align your life based on only certain aspects of who you are.
Stories are about choices and their consequences and so are the lives of faith.
Stories have the power to change us.
David’s failure is revealed by a story, but a story also caused David to repent.
An important story says you must be different because of what you heard.
Stories are directive.
They tell us where we must change and how we must change.
Deprive children of stories, and you leave them unscripted, ancient stutterers in their actions and in their words.
Diseased stories change us for the worst, healthy stories change us for the better.
Stories are strong and complex enough to contain pain, suffering, failure, and mystery.
Stories call us to action and so does faith.
We are more likely to live out our faith if we see ourselves as in a story.
Every human being needs more than just a story, we need a master story.
The master story for Christians is the Easter story and the resurrection which tells us who we are.
A mastery story in general is a story that explains your life to you and tells you how to live.
Stories create communities.
One thing it means to be a believer is to share a common story.
Stories make connections between seemingly disconnected things.
Stories are the foundation for meaning and significance for life.
A master story must be truthful, freeing, respectful, marked by action, grace justice, and it must be a risk taking story.

Concluding Thoughts

Some people said they really enjoyed Daniel Taylor and others said his topic wasn’t helpful.  I was one of those who found it not to be helpful.  To me, it seemed a little out of place from the rest of the topics.  It wasn’t bad, just not helpful, for me.

2008 Desiring God National Conference




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