The goal is to get out of jail, right?

23 09 2008

When someone goes to jail, usually the natural inclination is to get out as soon as possible.  This isn’t too hard to do if you can manage to behave yourself, you can usually have your sentence shortened.  Apparently, not everyone has thinks the same.

Dinh Trung, a Vietnamese Christian, was put in jail for 6mon for preaching the Gospel.  “Fortunately” he was released early becaues of pressure from Christian aid organizations.  With a wife and two kids, you would have thought that Dinh would gladly have returned home, but instead he chose to stay in jail.

His thinking was that there were plenty of people in jail who needed to hear about Jesus, and there wasn’t anything anybody could do to him because he was already in jail.  So, that’s where he remains, behind bars preaching the Gospel.

The Lord has blessed his ministry, and God’s Word is taking root.  What a challenge to us as we sit comfortably in our homes and don’t even pass out tracts when we go to our local gas station or grocery market.

Let’s pray that the Lord does a work in our hearts and that we can feel the same weight that our brothers and sisters feel all around the world who are being persecuted for their faith (Heb. 13:3).

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