Bearing One Another’s Burdens

17 09 2008

You know, it’s funny thing about prayer.  When you ask God for things, He actually gives them to you.  I’ve been praying that I’d have oppurtunities to exercise my listening skills and improve on them.  Well, God has seen fit to give me more than enugh opportunities to listen this week, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

When you hear everyone’s greatest burdens and needs, it really sobers you up.  At first, I always wanted to give some deep profound response, but I’m learning that those responses are not of God, therefore they aren’t helpful.  The most encouragement I’ve been able to give guys is personal testimony of God’s work in my life and truths from His Word.  Then, the rest you leave up to God.

I’m beginning to understand a fuller meaning of the phrase “bearing one another’s burdens” as I feel the weight of my friend’s needs.  Not only is it giving me a way to minister, but their needs are ministering to me because I see how they’re responding in a biblical manner and it’s driving me to my knees as I feel the hopelessness of what I can do to help.

What I asked for was just an opportunity to work on my listening skills, but God had more in mind for me than just that.  Through all this, I wonder if I’m not being worked on as much as my friends.

Well, I gotta run to class.  Have a great morning!




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17 09 2008

That’s cool man…really cool. Keep learning. Soak it up.

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