The Daily Grind

16 09 2008

My title is ironic because right now, I’m writing in our campus coffee shop called, The Daily Grind.  It has more than just one implication, though.  I’ve started my 3rd week of school, and I feel officially in the grind of things.

I haven’t written on this blog for over a month for a number of reasons – business being the biggest one.  I’m finally adjusted to my new schedule, and you can count on more posts coming on a regular basis.  There’s a lot that’s already happened and many blog post ideas that I’ve thought of but never written.  So, I’m starting from today and moving forward.

There’s so much that I’m learning in chapel, classes, and socializing.  So, I’ve decided to write primarily about the discussions going on at school.  Occassionally I’ll post other things, and more than likely the theme will evolve.

We’ll see how it goes.



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