This is Coffey “Southern Man” Anderson

29 07 2008

I’ve really taken interest in Coffey Anderson who is a worship leader in California.  I’ve already written a few posts about him, asking who he is, and providing lyrics for his All Ye song.  During this time, I was contacted by his brother-in-law, Lewis Brown, who called me and we were able to talk for a while and he gave me the behind the scenes look at Coffey’s background and how he came to be what he is now.

Lewis sent me a few links that I’m going to share with you.  Here’s a little information, though, that you won’t find anywhere else.  First, it would probably surprise you to know that when Coffey was a boy, he was not musically inclined at all, although he loved the Lord.  At the time, Lewis was an evangelist and visited Coffey’s church and his attention was caught buy this young boy who was praising God with all he had.  As Lewis became friends with the Anderson family, he began to teach Coffey how to play the guitar and from there on out, Coffey would practice that thing constantly.

Until I talked to Lewis, I was unaware that Coffey was on Nashville Star.  He made it to the top 5 which has guaranteed him a recording contract.  So, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of him soon with his recordings he’ll be putting out.  You can search YouTube for videos of him on Nashville Star.

Now, here’s some of those links I promised you.  The first one is of Lewis playing with his family; Lewis is a jack of all trades when it comes to music.  He can play anything, and he’s been in a jazz band for a very long time.  You can also check out a video of Coffey Anderson’s testimony of his ministry and philosophy.

This last video is an interview that Coffey had with a radio station.  It goes into a lot of detail about his background growing up how it shaped him to be what he is today.  You can view the interview below.



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29 07 2008
This is Coffey “Southern Man” Anderson

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11 09 2008
sarai badillo

i think hes really cool

6 01 2009

Thank you for taking time to “research ” him. I just stumbled upon him today and am an instant FAN! He is so refreshing. I can feel his true love for Christ and others right through my screen!
He is sure to bless many!

7 05 2009

Hey I love U coffey!

7 02 2010

Hey,Coffey ur the BEST!!!My grandma sent me a video of u and right away i looked you up on YouTube!!!!!

9 02 2010

Listen to u every day!!!

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