Don’t Waste Your Summer: Take Time to Smell the Roses

28 07 2008

I planned out the “Don’t Waste Your Summer” series with all the topics back at the beginning of summer. It’s funny because I think this week’s series has a whole new meaning to me now then when it was planned. I was just talking to my friend about this a couple nights ago and she calls it the “summer blues”.

It’s that time of summer break when the vacation-from-school feeling has worn off and you’ve had your summer fun. Now, everything seems mundane and monotonous. You can sense that school is drawing near, and you kind of want to go back but you still want to make this summer the best yet. Does that sound familiar to you?

The question is, how do you break out of this cycle that is whisking your summer away? or better yet, what causes the cycle? Because, if we can identify the problem that is causing our summers to become “old hat” then the problem can be fixed.

Like anything that you do for a while, you get wrapped up in whatever drama there is that goes along with it. So often we find ourselves enclosed in this box and we loose touch with the reality that there’s more to life outside of our own. Whether it’s work, a girlfriend or boyfriend (aka “work”), a sport, or a hobby, sometimes it becomes habit and routine and we loose the happiness that we once found in it.

That’s when it’s time for a detox. Just like we need to regularly detox (flush out) our system by going on a temporary short-term diet. So also, our lives need a good detox on a regular basis to help us feel fresh again and put things in perspective. The common method is a vacation which most of us do at least once a year, but that’s not enough and you can’t go on vacations all the time like you need.

So, what you need is a simple break. Whether it’s going on a walk for an hour by yourself, sitting outside watching creation, or even excersing. Whatever it is that you find most enjoyable and relaxing, and don’t even think about reading a book or listening to music. Just take a break from everything. The more you do this, the better.

Another thing that I’ve really enjoyed is meditation. Not prayer (although it is often incorporated), all I do is sit in a quiet place and close my eyes and evaluate my life and look back things. I also like to think about who God is and where he’s brought me. I’ve benefited a lot from these times.

I hope that’s a help to you and you’ll take opportunity of your summer to not let your summers become stale, but to keep them alive by getting outside the box and finding enjoyment in the simple things.

Don’t waste your summer!

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