Back to School: The Countdown Begins

18 07 2008

It’s that time of year again when you start getting mail from stores advertising their Back to School sales and line of merchandise.  I looked at my calendar the other day to see how much time I had left at home, and I was shocked to see there were only 5 weeks left!

Soon enough, you’ll start seeing friends Facebooking each other and saying, “See you in a few weeks” or “Only 4 more weeks”.  It happens every year, and I think this week is the official start of the back to school countdown when everyone realizes there summer is coming to a close and they start keeping track of the time left.

Going back to school isn’t all that bad, but I’ve really enjoyed this summer.  It seams unreal that I’m still in college and I have to once again face the stressful enviorement of classes, projects, and the drama.  Oh well, you only get 4 years of it (unless you’re John Falzone), and college is where we’ll make some of our best memories.

Are you ready to go back to school?  I hope so, cause it’s coming in 5 more weeks.



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21 07 2008
Raul Ray

Agree..! I too got discount offers on back to school shopping from BeddingStyle.

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