“You are what you eat.” What’s that suppose to mean?

17 07 2008

I mean really, who hasn’t heard someone say, “you are what you eat”?  I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning, and that saying came to mind and has been bothering me all day.  The only time that it makes sense is if you eat fatty food, then yes – eating fat = being fat.

Just think of the implications if you applied that saying to everything you ate.  Uh…..awkward much!  You are what you eat!?…….give me a break.




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17 07 2008

When people tell me that, I confirm that I am fast, tasty, and wanted…sorry if that was too much info. haha

However, the opposite has been true too. I am satisfying, inexpensive, and home-made.


17 07 2008

lol! you crack me up.

27 07 2008

One day, I started thinking about what that meant and began to think of how that can be applied to things that are not food.
“I am what I eat”…
I am formed and shaped and changed by what I allow into me – the Word of God…junk…whatever it may be. I guess one could say that we are not made unclean by what comes into our bodies. But at the same time…I am to be renewing my mind through scripture and meditating on it day and night. I might not necessarily be made unclean by watching something that is not beneficial for me, but I’m not watching something that is constructive either. Why take in (“eat”) something that won’t benefit me ? I am not what I eat, but I am affected in some way by what I eat. Whether it is food or not.

28 07 2008

Bruce: I think that’s a great point. Food, both spiritually and physically, will have some sort of affect on us whether good or bad. Thanks for that insight.

21 08 2008

way to stand up against the ultimate metaphorical statement of the dieting universe!

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