Don’t Waste Your Summer: Meet New People

12 07 2008

I’m what people call a social butterfly.  I’m always meeting and befriending new people, and I have a large and diverse network of friends and acquaintances.  Obviously, not everyone is as outgoing as I am, but is important to meet new people and make friends.

There’s an old song from my childhood days that says, “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”  Old friends are precious to me, and I still keep in touch with a couple from back when I was in elementary, but new friends are just as precious in a different way.

Never expanding your friendships with others causes two immediate problems that I can see.  One, you get very comfortable with each other and sometimes you aren’t challenged by that person’s character or loose the accountability.  Another problem is the fact that you limit the potential of what you could learn, where you could go in life, and who else you could meet.

My second point is more of a network mindset, but networking is such a great tool for ministry and daily life.  The opportunities I’ve had because I met new people have been fantastic and some of them very unique.  I’ve also learned a lot from different friends along the way.  There’s different people who have been involved in helping shape certain aspects of my life at different times.  Some of these people are my peers, and others are my elders.

My point is, no matter what type of a person you are, it’s important to make new friends, and the summer is a great time to cultivate those friendships when you’re not super busy like you would be during school.  Whether you’re outgoing and you build large networks like I do, or you’re more reserved and you only need 1-2 friends, make sure that to make the effort to meet someone new.

Don’t waste your summer!



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25 07 2008
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