Israel and Palestine Next Generation

7 07 2008

We’ve all grown up hearing and knowing about the tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.  The two hate each other, and each wants the same piece of land.  Now, one thing we know about the end times is that there will be an effort for world-wide peace.  This includes Palestinians and Israel.

When will we see this shift in attitudes between the two countries?  I think if we look, we can see it starting to happen now.  If you talk to either side who are in their 40s and up, they’ll still be very dogmatic about their position; but if you talk to someone younger that is in their 20s, the response will be very different.

I had the opportunity to befriend an Israeli visiting from his homeland while I was in New York City a few weeks ago.  He was in his late 20s, and he had already served his time in the army.  It came up a few times in our conversations how he hated the fighting and the separation between the two factions.  He said he wished that there could just be peace and he didn’t really care about who the land belonged.

He said the government is the one pushing the agenda, but the government isn’t going to be around forever.  The next generation going into office are people like my friend, and to them it’s not as big of a deal.  Now this isn’t just coming from the people of Israel.  I read a news article this morning about a young girl from Jordan in her 20s who is a stand up comedian.  She makes a lot of jokes about the Palestinians, and she says she doesn’t care so much about the issue of land between Israel and Palestinian territories.  She just wants peace.

Folks, the end is near.  When we’ve got people from from Israel and Palestinian territories saying it’s not that big of a deal to them, and when they just want peace and don’t care.  That’s the perfect time for the anit-Christ to step up and make global call for peace.  When I think about it, I’m excited because it’s all coming to an end, and it’s also a scary thought because it’s all coming to an end.  Let’s watch in anticipation as we see a whole new world order in come into place with the next generation.




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