No More Seperation Among Believers

24 06 2008

I’ve been really burdened for a while now about the separation among believers.  Why can’t we all work together?  I understand that there has to be a degree of separation from certain groups who preach a different Jesus or have some other fundamental error; but what about those whose error is second hand compared to the work of Christ and the character of God?

Just because Presbyterians believe in baby baptism doesn’t mean that Baptists can’t associate with them.  Where’s that in the Bible?  So many people have fallen into the trap of believing that they’ve arrived at what a Biblical lifestyle looks like, and therefore they’re not open to the possibility that someone else might have a clearer view than them.

Have you ever heard the saying, “He who defines the terms, wins the argument.”  That’s what needs to happen among the different Christian groups.  There has to be a setting where leaders from all different circles can come together and hash out their differences.  If some of the terms can be defined, I think we’ll find that we’re not so very different from each other.

Personally, I would love to talk with some Methodists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Baptists, and whoever else has this same burden.  Shoot me an email or a comment, I have some ideas that I need help with.



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24 06 2008
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25 06 2008

well Andrew this is Audrius
you know my oppinion on this issue. i am all for felloship but there should be some limits to it. even n the area of preaching the Gospel – i thing i would not join them in it, just becouse other side of the Great commossion it to each them and as far as their teaching is not right ( as far a s i understand from the Bible) i would not cooperate with them.
but on he tye surface level i would surelly felloship with them. they are my brother in Christ bought with the blood of the Lamb ( even though tahy are mistaken about some things).
well that is just me – but i think that the doctrine is important

write me your thoughts

see ye Audrius

25 06 2008
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25 06 2008

You will never get everyone to agree. That is why we have the current divisions we have.
Our denominational motto is great:
“In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty, in all things, charity.”

25 06 2008

SusieQ: You’re right, and that’s a great motto, but it also reveals the problem. There should be unity in the essentials, but many people mistake the non-essentials for essentials and therefore create disunity; and often the disunity is not done in charity.

If people can just get that motto straight and learn to differentiate between the essentials and non-essentials, that’s all I care about. I’m not trying to get everyone to agree on the non-essentials, that’s not a war that needs to be fought.

Great comment, thanks!

1 07 2008
matthew frederick

dear andrew,

interesting article. But there are things in life that we could say, but we cannot do. admitting yes that people of different denominations can be saved, and do love the Lord as much as us Indapendent fundamental baptists. I agree that i would much rather fellowship with a saved, God loving presbyterian than a carnal selfserving Fundamental Baptist. But, associating with someone of a different denomination is very very very very dangerous. fellowshipping with someone that has a different music standard or even Bible version standard is one thing, but baby baptism?? that is something that is taken out of context from the Bible. and also remember, fellowshipping with someone means that you believe and condone everything that they do. yes u do. If u associate with a presbyterian, what will people think? obviously, we don’t do everything to only what people will think, but your testimony will be questioned. questions will rise”why does he associate himself with the presbyterians?” “obviously he doesn’t think much about baby baptism or etc.” is associating yourself with other denominations worth the credibility of yor testimony? what do u possibly gain? we all want to see all of God’s people loving and caring for one another, but the perverted sinful hear of us mortals prohibits that.

In Christ,

matt J Frederick

Phil 1:21

1 07 2008
B.C. Dyer

Hey brother:

We’ve probably talked some on this issue.
My issue is this…where are the definitions these days? In postmodernism, obviously there are issues at hand about the truth and the definition of it being up to you.
With Biblical Christianity, we have this Word of God that sets up absolutes for us. We need to absolutely follow those. With issues of separation, how can I separate from a fellow “Christian Hedonist” who preaches the gospel but differs on maybe the issue of alcohol. Why separate? It’s ludicrous really. Or separate from a Southern Baptist because he’s in a “use-to-be bad denomination”.
The issue is out of hand. I would check out Al Mohler’s stance on separation. It is really well thought out and biblical.

5 07 2008

Matthew, those are some good thoughts, and it’s helping me narrow my own thoughts. I guess I’m not trying to get different denominations to fellowship with each other as much as I am trying to bring all the denominations together to talk about what they believe in hopes that we can challenge each other and come to a biblical conclusion on the issues we differ on.

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