Don’t Waste Your Summer: Learn a Skill

23 06 2008

My brother just got back from a week of automotive camp.  He’s really excited about everything he learned, and we’re happy because we’ve got some projects for him now.  For me, I’ve been learning the art of writing and specifically, freelancing.  I’m really getting into it, and it’s a practical skill that you can take with you wherever you go; the same goes for my brother.

You’re out of school, and most likely you don’t have as much going on.  So, why not find something that interests you that you can work on learning this summer.  There are so many things that you can learn that will help you and save you money for the rest of your life.  Things like auto mechanics, home improvements, computers (that’s very broad), graphic design, music, sewing, ect.

Not only does this give you a skill for life, but helps keep you busy during the summer.  My experience and those of many of my friends are that when I’m bored, my spiritual life seems to take a turn for the worse.  Being busy helps me stay focused and keep a little bit of a schedule, and you walk away from your summer feeling like you accomplished something instead of that feeling of not having done anything worth while.

Our best summers are not those where we sit around watching tv all day.  We always feel crummy at the end of those summers.  The best summers are when you do something.  We shy away from working during the summer because we think that we’re suppose to take a break from work; but what we don’t realize is that we actually just want a break from what we’ve been doing all school year.  If you find something you enjoy doing, you’ll find out that doing whatever you like might actually be more refreshing and more of a break than doing nothing.

Think about it, try to find something soon.  The summer is half way over.

Don’t waste your summer!

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