Iowa Floods are Meant to Be

18 06 2008

Picture by Stephen Mally

The tragedy that we are witnessing as we hear and see stories of the flooding that is occurring all throughout the Midwest but especially in Iowa, can only make us shake our heads in sympathy and awe of the destruction that this natural disaster is causing. It has destroyed properties, personal belongings, and even human lives. Yet, through all this I can’t help but consider the mystery of God’s sovereignty.

Why does God choose take all this water and drop it in a central location while in another part of the country where I live (Tennessee) where we’re burning up from these heat waves? We could really use some (not all) of that water down here as we’re facing scorching heat and watching our plants dwindle from lack of water. What sense does all that make when you think about it?

Isn’t there another way that God’s will could be completed without the flooding in the North and the drought in the South? Hold on, a thought just came to me as I was typing. What if a life can’t be changed by a relative’s death by too much heat exposure, but it could be changed if the relative died by drowning? That’s a weird thought to think that the type of death could determine the outcome of a person’s response to Christ, but God does work in mysterious ways.

That’s just a thought

A teenage rebellion against low expectations.



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