Charles Spurgeon on Inerrancy

17 06 2008

I read a very helpful post over at Pyromaniacs the other week about what Charles Spurgeon had to say about the inerrancy of the Scripture. It was especially encouraging to me because I’d been struggling since this past semester with some of the problems pointed out when it comes to translation and inerrancy. The only reason I continued to hold to the Faith was because I had no alternative and what I had faith in had been tested and proved; but there was still that doubt that often plagued my mind.

Here’s some clips of what Spurgeon had to say:

I believe that there is no mistake whatever in the original Holy Scriptures from beginning to end. There may be, and there are, mistakes of translation; for translators are not inspired

If I did not believe in the infallibility of the Book, I would rather be without it.

I protest that I will rather risk my soul with a guide inspired from heaven, than with the differing leaders who arise from the earth at the call of “modern thought

Something about what he said gave me a new perspective, and I now stand confident with what I believe. I hope this is a help to you or can be a help in the future with yourself or somebody you meet.

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19 06 2008
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