What You Wear is What You Say

12 06 2008

What you wear is what you say.

See, even the secular people agree, “what you wear is what you say.” I found this banner in a Finish Line store today. For those of us Christians who say, “we can wear what we want and it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just our style.” We might want to think twice about that.

True, each person has different styles, but why do we stand in front of our closets trying to decide what to wear each day? It’s because we know that clothes say something about us, and we want to “be heard” (or not be heard). I haven’t come to my conclusion on where I stand with dress standards, but as open minded as I try to be, there’s something about a Christians wearing goth style clothing that still makes me cringe.

The thing that got me thinking on that was when I read Mark Driscoll’s book, “Radical Reformission, and he said that there was a lady who was a leader in his church who wore all the black clothing, chains, and painted white face.

I may stand corrected some day, but for now I feel there is a line when it comes to association and outward appearance, and the goth style is an extreme that crosses that line; but I don’t have any reasons, it’s just one of those gut feelings. Honestly, I would be very interested to hear what you think about clothing and where the line is for each individual when it comes to appearance and association.

A teenage rebellion against low expectations.



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