Truth About Obama Revealed

4 06 2008

A while ago I wrote a previous post about an Obama video, and it made me some enemies (not really) overnight. Now, I across another video about Obama’s history which I found very interesting. I’m not into politics at all, in fact I didn’t even know Huckabee wasn’t in the runnings anymore until a couple days ago; but I still found this video to be very revealing as to what could be the future of America if Obama was elected.

A teenage rebellion against low expectations.



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4 06 2008
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[…] Orin Gordon wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA while ago I wrote a previous post about an Obama video, and it made me some enemies (not really) overnight. Now, I across another video about Obama’s history which I found very interesting. I’m not into politics at all, … […]

4 06 2008
Ben Hoffman

News flash! It’s on Fox so it’s probably propaganda!

1 09 2008
TJ Shur

Lloyd Baxter your anti Obama sentiment is not only skewed in the worst way it has twisted Senator Obama’s words to support your warped logic. Firstly Mr. Baxter you need to get YOUR FACTS straight as Barack Obama attended a Christian school in Indonesia and that school had a high number of Islamic students. And what is it with your xenophobia anyway Mr. Baxter should all people that are Islamic be feared? To go on like you do about Senator Obama’s name is so petty and shows your lack of insight. I suppose only “good old boys” with Christian sounding names need apply for the job of president. After all the KKK which claims to be a Christian organization has had record numbers in recent American history -as recently as the 1920’s. I noticed however, you won’t concede that Reverend Wright’s anger, although at times over zealous, is justified, when in recent, past American history – there is abundant proof of Christian hatred by these racist, terrorist organizations like the KKK. And let’s look at your claim that if a white politician made a statement such as “…you black people” his career would be over as I recall politicians like Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond (the longest serving senator in US history and a segregationist) have represented racist views in American politics and got away with them. You then go onto condemn Senator Obama for his past ties to Reverend Wright when in fact Obama’s admiration of Wright only extends to Reverend Wrights benevolent acts within the black community that helped children who would otherwise be abandoned by American society. People like you are dangerous Mr. Baxter as you have condemned Michelle Obama for speaking out against the United States when the United States has so many human rights abuses on its record- you sound like one of those right wing zealots who paint anyone who says anything negative about the US with the same wide brush. Whatever happened to freedom of speech Mr. Baxter or do you only support that tenant when you have something to say? Furthermore it is easy to skew people’s words and parts of speech to support your views by manipulating the audio as you have done with the “Yes We Can” slogan. Lloyd Baxter your bias has preceded you with your glaring inability to provide concise clear-cut arguments about why the American people and the rest of the world should fear Barack Obama. Also Mr. Baxter your rhetoric seems to eerily support the past atrocities committed by the US, through your refusal to at least acknowledge the existence of such atrocities like the handling of “Katrina” by the Bush Administration. I think it is people like you that the rest of us need fear.

7 09 2008
jan halle

I totally disagree with the above comments and hope you will continue to
bring out the truth about Obama.

23 09 2008

Obama simply dodges his past, If he is so proud of who he is than why cover it up and we are supposed to rally behind where he is going? That’s scarey. Religion is irrelivant, every old world religion has blood on it’s hands and that is unfortunate. I am more concerned with our future leaders and the future of our country not religion.

Besides, what position on what topic does Obama firmly stand behind that hasn’t changed in the past 6 months? There is no substance behind this candidate and all he wants to do is take from me to give to you. He will turn this country into the largest wellfare program the world has ever seen.
Here is just a taste of who you defend so dearly TJ.

28 09 2008

The comment that TJ Shur left was totally disgusting, and I’m sorry that others even have to read the filth. His message sounds like one who looks to worship Obama and is blinded by Obama’s celebrity appeal. Wake up! Yes, it is very important to be a total American, who has passion for our Country and is completely dedicated to the American people if you are running for our American President, you should have those very basic qualities, and should have always had them.

24 10 2008

The media is and always has been extremely liberal and has refused to bring out Obama’s past. This video needs to be spread around so that people may be informed and educated when they go to vote. Thanks for the video. Please continue with your efforts.

24 10 2008

Let me begin with a fact: fox news has been proven to be financially linked to the republican party. Second what Tjshur said was a very well thought out and very truthful statement. He brought up many valid points and all you people could do was say it us trash. I believe that furthers your guilt and shows how truly intolerant you are. I respect your opinion because that is your right: to have an opinion and I wish you would uphold this right to have a respected opinion on your website. I think if you truly wish to protect America, you should uphold a right to free speech. I don’t ridicule you on your twisted fascist opinions which are racist. And appaling. Frankly I think the best thing you could do for America is to stop publishing this website . But it’s your right to do that. Enjoy your freedom to brainwash people with hatred

30 10 2008

I cannot believe that a man who will not wear a flag pin, or put his hand over his heart during the pledge, is running for PRESIDENT! What is even more unbelievable is that people are actually voting for him. I am absolutely DISGUSTED!

1 11 2008

Rogersfqn: I want defend to things from the very start. 1) I am not racist in the least bit. I’ve had black roommates for 2 years in college and they were both good friends of mine. Please don’t make assumptions about people who speak out against Obama that you don’t know as a fact.

2) I have done nothing to hinder American’s right to speech. To blackmail someone or threaten a person would be violating a person’s right to speech, but to simply pose opposing views in no way violates a person’s right to speech.

Now, to address Tjshur, I don’t believe he even wrote that comment or at least it wasn’t written originally for this blog because it makes little sense within the relativity of my post.

Also, your argumentation is self-defeating. You’re saying that I am in the wrong to disagree with someone else, yet you somehow justify to disagree with me. On top of that, you call me intolerant which is a true statement, and you set yourself up as a tolerant member of society; but tolerant people don’t go around calling others fascist, racist, and appalling.

Sir, you confuse yourself. Next time, examine what you’re going to say to see if the same elements can be found in your own life.

16 11 2008
Mr. Borg

Obama Slama! John McCain sold out to the base, and probably would have won without that NUT-JOB Palin! Either way, Obama’s early actions and vigor show that he is the best we could hope for at this time. In case you didn’t know, the country is falling apart financially. McSame would have been overwhelmed and flustered. Now it seems he might find a spot in Obama’s cabinet. Truly historic.

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