Don’t Waste Your Summer: Do a Study

4 06 2008

Now you may say, “I’ve studied enough during the school year”, but how often is what we call “studying” actually just “cramming or knocking out” a class project. I’m not suggesting that you study for an assignment that you may or may not care about. I’m suggesting that you take the time to study an issue that you are interested in and probably have been curious about.

Maybe it’s something theological like Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism; the Holy Spirit’s part in our life; or church methodology. Maybe it’s completely secular like psychology, historical and political trends, or the economic system. These are just ideas, you know best about what you’re interested in.

Pick something that you’re not only interested in but also feel would benefit you overall. Preset time that will be used for studying the subject of your choice, and have a plan laid out that will keep you focused on what you’re studying and be a means of accountability to you.

Start now so that when you go back to school in the Fall, you’ll know what the teacher is talking about on that particular topic or be able to interact with friends in related discussions. Though you may expect to feel the burden of studying like you would in a school setting, you may be surprised to find out that these summer studies can be both enjoyable and some to be the most beneficial studies that you’ll do.

Don’t waste your summer!

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17 06 2008
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