The Influence of College

30 05 2008

It’s hard to believe, but I’m already half way through my college career.  I’ll admit, my family and my church don’t see eye-to-eye with me on a few things.  They’re definitely more conservative, and I’m a lot more open minded.  Before I started going to Northland, a pastor friend of mine from another church that is more like-minded with me, asked me why I was going to a conservative school rather than a more liberal school?

Besides the fact that my parents wouldn’t let me go to a less conservative school, I really wanted to go to a place that leaned more on the conservative side so I could compare my views with theirs and be able to better know where I stood on certain things when I graduated.

As I went to the school, I actually started leaning more to the left, and drifting farther away from where the school stood (or so I thought).  Especially this last semester the Lord revealed to me my own ignorance, and I came to realize how close I actually am to where my school stands.  He also taught me that a lot of what I did was to be different for different’s sake, but that’s not why we should do things.

So now I’m actually coming back to the more conservative side of certain things.  Some of the stances I’m starting to take I never would’ve thought I’d be taking a year ago, and some things I know I never would have taken a stand on had I gone to a more liberal school.

I remember in high school having lunch with an evangelist friend, Will Galkin, and he told me that you come out thinking like the school you go to.  I went into school determined to make my own decisions, and for that reason I was blocking a lot of what others were saying and building unstable philosophies.  Now I’m starting to listen, and I’m actually finding myself agreeing with what they’re saying, and I’m beginning to change. I’m half way through, and I can already see the affects that my school is having on me; and from my perspective, it’s not a bad thing.

College has an influence on how we think.  For that reason it’s important to choose wisely.




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30 05 2008

A lot of people do not understand that even on the “liberal” side of things, discipline and discernment are still key if you are pursuing the cross. That is a vital key that I do not think that my more conservative friends have realized.

I definitely understand what you are saying about doing things for “difference” sake. I struggle with that a LOT. There is good to it. Yet I believe that you have also found the bad to it. In all of it, pursue the cross. Do not do anything for any reason BUT the cross. Christ will not lead you astray. Remember, He is the great shepherd.

30 05 2008

Yah, thank you. Those were some good additional thoughts.

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