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29 05 2008

The Family Integrated Church

This is a great interview posted on Boundless that introduces a less practiced method of “doing” church.

Worship Matters on SALE for $11

A great deal on a great book.  Only for a limited time.

How to Read 500 Books a Year

DA Carson reveals that he reads 500 books a year, but he says “there’s reading and then there’s reading.”

Advice to Young Minister

This is an excellent post that actually applies to all ages.  There 21 points given that should be heeded.

Job Before Marriage?

As a woman, is it wrong to make current career decisions based on  future hopes of being a wife and mom?




One response

29 05 2008

These were great links! I think the single, thirty year old woman asked a question that a lot of people–at least women–are concerned about. It’s extremely frustrating to be a single woman, hearing both sets of advice from the same person: “Put yourself out there!” and “Wait for God’s timing!” I’ll be transparent and admit that my mom has done this to me in the past. She has recognized that I’m not ready for a serious commitment, but she has also encouraged me to “put myself out there” and to try dating. Thanks, Mom. I kind of laughed at the article, “Finding a Husband,” Walters refers to in her answer, but I did check it out. Most of what she had to say was good…

The interview on the Family Integrated Church was thought-provoking. For the past two years I’ve been in college, coming home and trying to find a Sunday school class was extremely frustrating. There was no class for the young twenty-somethings who were in college and not engaged, so over Christmas break, I just didn’t go to Sunday school. I like the concept of bringing worship and education back into the home, the way it should be. Three cheers!

Final comments (this is pretty much a book, I’m sorry): “Advice to Young Ministers” applied to anyone going into the ministry. I give a hearty “amen!” to each of the twenty-one points, especially numbers… oh, all of them. Chris Boland, Andrew and Bethany’s father, is a GREAT example of #19. He’s always talking about people he gets to witness to while he’s working, and he has a great burden to see the people of his church witnessing as well.

Final, final comment: I’ve read “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer Adler, which is mentioned in “How to Read 500 Books a Year.” It wasn’t amazing, but it had a few good suggestions and thoughts here and there.

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