What is a Blog to You?

28 05 2008

1) Why did you start blogging, and is that the same reason for blogging now?
2) Have you changed what you blog about since you first started? If yes, why?
3) What is your purpose for blogging?

I started blogging 3yr ago out of laziness. Before Facebook, email was the way to communicate with people, and I was regularly writing a lot of people. There was so much going on in my life that I got tired of writing out the same thing in multiple emails, so I decided to start a blog where I could refer my friends to so I didn’t have to write as often.

My blogging was pretty inconsistent up until this past December when for some reason I had a desire to start writing a lot on it, but it was more about current news than personal or Christian related content.

Finally, in the middle of this last semester, I found out about the Band of Bloggers miniconference, and I wanted to go. I realized, though, that I didn’t have much Gospel-related stuff on my blog, so I started changing what I wrote. Obviously, my motives weren’t write, but honestly that’s how I got started writing in the niche I’m in now.

When I got to the BoB conference, the Lord changed my heart and I saw the great need for Gospel-driven blogging; and from that time on I was hooked. Now, instead of saving time by blogging, I actually spend a lot more time doing it.

My purpose for blogging is two-fold. Primarily, I want to focus people’s attention on the cross. Second, I want to share what I’m learning in my life and what I’ve found interesting in the blogsphere and around the world.

Now let’s hear your story.




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