Who Is Coffey Anderson?

21 05 2008


The consistently highest viewed post that I’ve written is “Coffey Anderson – ‘All Ye’.” Would someone like to inform me who Coffey Anderson is because he’s definitely not in my denominational circle of Christians. I just found out about him one day when my friend was searching on GodTube. What I want to know is what denomination he’s associated with? Is he well known in that circle? And how do you know Coffey Anderson?




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23 05 2008

Well, if you happen to have a myspace…

“Coffey grew up in Pentecostal Church in Bangs, TX. He got saved at the young age of 10 years old, but made Jesus the Lord of his life at 16 years of age. Coffey preached the “5th Quarter” services to his peers while in high school! Seeing many of his classmates get saved. At 18, Coffey was involved in a prison ministry where he would go in, sing, and preach to incarcerated people that were seeking and searching for a second chance at life and a new life in Christ. He preached in over 15 different prisons in 7 different states. All before he turning 19 years of age. Coffey turned down many basketball scholarships to state universities attend Howard Payne University (TABC) and get a degree in ministry. While at HPU, he touched a guitar for the first time in 2002 and hasn’t put it down since. Coffey began learning Vineyard worship and traditional hymns at a gifted pace. He would sing and play and the dorm would fill up and the college bible study groups started asking him to lead their groups in worship. Within 3 months, Coffey was asked to open for the likes Open of Eden, Mercy Me, Skillet, and others for the college festivals. He would sing the National Anthem at basketball games, then do “jump ball”. His blend of traditional hymns, contemporary worship, and his gospel soul make worship valid and relevant for many congregations. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Practical Theology with a Spanish specialization. Coffey lived in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and attended Tec de Monterrey for a summer course to learn Spanish and become affluent. Moving to Tulsa, OK in 2003, he started leading worship at Real Life Community Church. He served there for 1 year. Coffey got a position opportunity to serve at Calvary Chapel Canyon Country outside of Los Angeles, CA. He worked there until the church got on its feet by training a couple of people in the church to lead the songs. Coffey is educated in ministry, qualified with a degree, a heart to reach people.”

Hope that helps.

23 05 2008

Oh, so I totally just realized that all of that information is on GodTube. Ha, oh well. : )

29 05 2008

unedifying says : I absolutely agree with this !

29 05 2008

I’m glad you agree to my question. šŸ™‚

23 06 2008

Does it really matter what denomination Coffey is? All I know is that Coffey loves the Lord with all his heart and serves him till no end! his music has changed lives at people in our church. So to me it dosen’t matter what denomination he is its all about the way he loves the LORD. And if you cant see past denomination then you need to check yourself and get on GODS team not your denomination’s team!!!!

23 06 2008

Jacob: I completely agree with you. I think you misunderstood me. Regardless of what we feel about denominations, I think we all can agree that there’s different circles (denominations) of Christians that do things differently; but that doesn’t mean it should affect the way we interact and work together. I knew Coffey wasn’t from my circle because I had never heard of him, but from my post I realized that many people were familiar with him; and I was purely trying to find out what circle he was most know among to satisfy my own curiosity and find out more about him.


27 06 2008

why do we have to use the terms “circles”.. being a christian is not about which lil clique your in!! It’s about God!!! I dont care what denomination he is, he’s in my “circle” because he’s a follower of Christ.. if you think he got big because of his denomination, then you’ve got to be mistaken.. He doesnt say ohhh im in this circle or anything.. he says that he hopes this will bless “ALL” not just his circle..

27 06 2008

Devon: Believe me, I know where you and Jacob are coming from on the no circles or denomination issue. But I think both your views are a bit unrealistic and naive because there are factions within the body which shouldn’t affect the way we interact with other believers but it does define how we worship.

The Bible talks about how there are the stronger and weaker brothers. Both are walking with God, but they each have different convictions and opinions on things which in no way should affect their relationships but it does affect the worship. That’s why we have different denominations in the protestant realm because it helps us define where we stand on different non-essentials issues of the faith, not a means of drawing the lines of separation between us.

I’m not interested in knowing Coffey’s denomination or circle because I want to know how his ministry was boosted or if I should even support him. I love his music, ministry, and heart despite where he comes from. I just wanted to know his denomination so that I could better understand where he stands on things and what he believes. It will in no way change my view of him.

3 07 2008
Lewis Brown

Coffey Anderson Is My Brother-In-Law. I Have Been Married To His Only Sister And Only Sibling For Almost 20 Years.Please Feel Free To Call Me Anytime
(229) 325-0936. I Can Answer All Your Questions Of Who Is Coffey Anderson.
Thank You And God Bless. Lewis

3 07 2008

coffey anderson is such an inspiration to me…and hopefully to every one else out there.
he loves the Lord so much! and i admire him so greatly for that.
i just started singing and playing the guitar about 4 months ago.
when my cousin first showed him to me, i was amazed at his ability. and more importantly, his love for God.
I’m only 12 right now.
And before i even knew about coffey anderson, i wasen’t to interactive with God.
But now that i’ve seen what all coffey anderson has done,
it makes me want to share the good news of Christ. that’s he will come again. and that he that he has given so much for us. and we give so little to him.
when coffey sings,
it just makes me feel different.
like everything else that’s hard in life,
just goes away!
it’s just so hopeful that i know that there’s people like coffey out there,
inspiring million’s of people to follow and love the Lord with all there heart.
Thankyou coffey!!

5 07 2008

Lewis, I appreciate you taking the time to offer to talk. I may take you up on that offer. It seems a lot of people would be interested learn more about him.

5 07 2008

Lexi, thank you for your testimony of how Coffey has been a blessing to you. I can relate in many of the same ways. His fire for the Lord is contagious and so real. It is hard resist the truth that living for God is the best thing when you listen to Coffey’s music and the way he talks about God.

6 07 2008

i just wish that there was a way to make coffey become more popular around the world..
so that other people could see how much he loves Jesus,
and maby they too will follow in his way of life.

27 10 2008

your a awsome singer!! i accepted god and i’m glade i hered your musicc after i accepted him because i felt like he was realy there know i belive!! thx.

5 02 2009

I just met Coffey at Pastors School in Phoenix with Pastor Tommy Barnett. I have found him to have a spirit of great humility, loyalty and a servants heart. Oh, by the way, did I say that he can sing? I mean….REALLY sing. However, if he did not have those other attributes, he would not be as awesome. Love him and he is coming to our Church! The City Church in Batavia, NY.

Marty Macdonald

12 03 2009

Love the music.

15 03 2009
Sharon Johnson

I came to know about Coffey on “Nashville Stars”. I hate to admit because he was from a small town 10 miles from where I live. I cheered him on and became instantly in love with his music. I watched every week and cheered and voted for him. I found out more about this wonderful man when I wanted to hear more of his music on utube and godtube. I read his testimony and found what more, what a love of GOD he has. I go, to met him on Sunday, March 15th,2009. He came back to his home church to give a concert to help the school that’s part of the church. He was fantastic, of course), on Saturday night and then sang again on Sunday morning. What a BLESSING!!!!!!!! He signed autographs in the foyer and was so sweet and kind. I even got a hug fron him. I am a fan forever. He also just got married on Valetine Day. Congratulations !!!!! To Coffey and Priscilla, may you have a great life together.

5 04 2009

I remember following Coffey when he was on Nashville Star. It was sad to see him get taken off the show. His style just isn’t country like what they wanted. Now everyone sees why. His style is the Lord’s style. What could be better than that? I have heard his music and I really love it. It is inspiring. The best thing is we will get to see him this Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009. He will be performing at our family of God at Calvary Chapel in Irving, Texas. My wife and I and our kids can’t wait to see him there. He is going to be such an inspiration for all that show up. Hopefully they don’t show up just to see him perform, but also to worship the Lord our God and hear the worship that is meant to be given to fully appreciate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hope to see some of you there this weekend if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If so, I will see you there. If not, then I hope you go in peace and worship the Lord as he should be on that special day and every day thereafter. God Bless you all!

29 06 2009

Coffey was just here in Switzerland!! (27.06.2009)
Visiting our church! We had a great worship concert with him!! šŸ˜€
He’s truly a man, who’s going strong with God! That’s so amazing! He told us his story … and that was so encouraging!
God bless him!

Have a great week!

21 10 2009

Love Coffey but what is he doing on a track called “Get Money” by Manolo where the main singer is dropping F-bombs????? Somebody please tell me that ain’t him because that is totally killing his witness for Christ!!!

25 04 2010
Mary Jones

My youngest daughter, not a proffessing Christian, let me hear the awesome songs she found on Godtube, we have since let someone with loads of problems in her life listen to the album we had purchased, she gave her life to the Lord. Unfortunately she has fallen away for a time, with many problems, but we trust the album we gave her will once more help her to turn back to Him one more. Bless Coffey for the inspritational music he has blessed us with. My daughter daid if he was in England, she would love to go and hear him, how about it Coffey????? Share the love………. God Bless you

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