NYC Missions Trip – Day 3

20 05 2008

Yesterday was probably my favorite day so far.  We started off with a study time that Bill Jones does to answer any questions we had from the previous day and teach us some new things about the Jews or whatever else he wants to cover.

Afterwards, we all packed up the van and went to Goldmeier Plaza for an open air meeting with the sound system.  Goldmeier is a large office building on Broadway that is owned by Jews; so you’ll see all sorts of Jews walking all over the place.  While others in our group were doing music and passing out tracts, I just went and sat on the steps next to people and started talking to them.

I talked with a man from India who believes in one God with many ways to get to Him.  I was able to go through the first part of the Gospel showing him that there is only one way through God’s Son.  I didn’t see any breakthrough in his mind, but I made him read God’s Word, so that’s all that matters.

The next guy I talked to was a Jew who was visiting for a few weeks from Israel, his name is Shai.  I talked with Shai for a good while and asked him what he thought of America, and he told me that its a lot nicer than Israel because people are more friendly and open with others.  I told him I wanted to go visit Israel some day and then I told him that after college I was looking at going to live somewhere in the Middle East.  His expression was one of bewilderment, and he asked me why I would ever want to do that.  So I just started telling about how I have a message to tell.

He was very open to everything I said, and after talking we got up and took a walk for awhile and talked some more.  He gave me his email and phone number and said he wanted to get together later to hang out with our group.

When I got back to Goldmeier Plaza, the group had left, so I was on my own for about an hour and a half.  So I just started checking out New York.  I stopped in St. Patrick’s cathedral and saw this young lady praying to St. Jude.  The Lord laid it on my heart to talk to her, so I waited a good while until she was done praying.  Then I pulled her aside and asked her why she was praying to St. Jude.  We sat down and after she was finished telling me, I went into the Gospel.

At the end of our conversation, you could tell what she had read from the Bible had broken through.  She asked me if I believe what the Pope says or what about the blessed mother.  I told her I don’t believe anything the Pope says that’s not in the Bible, and I think she’s just as blessed as Mary; and I even showed her clear Scripture passages for both points.  Overall it was a good conversation.

Our group went to Ground Zero for a little while and came back to the mission house.  After resting, we went out to this cool Italian restaurant for dinner.  During dinner, Shai, the Jew I met earlier called me to see if he could come over and hang out.  So I waited for him and he came with us back to the mission house where Bill Jones was able to clearly present the Gospel through the Old Testament to him for about 45min.

Then a group of us went with him to Starbucks for some coffee and had a really good time.  I think he’s also coming to a Yankees game with us tonight; and he actually might be coming home with me on Thursday for a few days.  By the way, Mom, if you read this before I call you, just know I had every intention of letting you know before I got home.

So ended another great day!  Once again, you prayers were crucial, and I ask that you please continue to pray earnestly and fervently for the Lord to do some more great things.  Specifically pray that I’d have more opportunities with Shai, and I’d like to go out with for coffee with that Muslim I met the first day.





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