NYC Missions Trip – Day 2

19 05 2008

Yesterday was our first full day in the big city. A few of us got up to go to breakfast at a small hole-in-the-wall Italian place that served coffee and muffins. Then we had our service at 10:30 with about 50 people in it. This church is what you call a cross-cultural church, there were people of all races and ethnicities.

After the service we all went upstairs for lunch, and afterwards half the group left to start a service at Conney Island while I stayed with the a group to help with the homeless service and lunch that was following our lunch. We had about 50 homeless people show up for the second service and lunch. They were all really nice people, and it was good spending time with them.

We never went to meet the group at Conney Island because they said it was raining when they got there, so we decided to meet them at a place called “Juniors” for dinner; nice restaurant but rather expensive. We were told we couldn’t leave without the bathroom experience, so we went to check it out. There was a guy dressed up in the bathroom who pus soap in your hands and gives you a tall to wipe them off. There was also an assortment of colognes to choose from. A very interesting experience, indeed.

On the way back we had a decently long subway ride, so I started talking to this guy sitting across from me. He’s a math professor from Belgium who was teaching a class here for the week. I transitioned into asking what he thought about religion, and he said he was Agnostic. I started questioning him more, and he was asking all the right questions and starting to really open up. He’d say things like, “Well if that’s true, then we’re all Christians” or “Why do I need to be saved?” or “What makes you different than every other religion in the world?” So we definitely planted truth and that’s enough. There was also a Hispanic lady who listened intently to our whole conversation and we left them both a tract as we left.

At night we went out for some sight seeing in Time Square. I loved all the bright lights and the business all around. We went into stores like the Hershey’s Store and M&M World. It was pretty cool. That basically wrapped our day, and today I’m looking forward to another good one.

Pray for good weather so we can hold our outdoor meetings. Also pray for the men and women I’ve mentioned, and pray that we’d have similar opportunities today. Our team is starting to gel together which is a praise and answer to prayer. Thank you all for your support. I believe and know that what happens this week is not just because of God using me but also God using you who sent me and are praying.




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