Don’t Waste Your Summer: Read Books

19 05 2008

This is a new series that I’m doing through the whole summer. This applies to everyone, but I’m writing especially with students in mind because our tendency when we get out of school is to slack off and become lazy. Our summer then becomes unprofitable both spiritually and physically.

This week’s “Don’t Waster Your Summer” is about reading books. What is the importance of reading books?

Books are a resource of knowledge from others who have studied a particular topic(s) and have systematically laid it out for us. We increase our ability to learn and think when we expose ourselves to other people’s thoughts and knowledge.

I’ve thought about this a lot. Why are men like CJ Mahaney, John Piper, John MacArthur, RC Sproul, and so on…..why are they so greatly respected and well known? Part of the reason is because of the vastness and depth of their knowledge. Their knowledge is what has contributed to the “success” of their ministries.

We must as well strive to gain as much knowledge as we can, and a huge way of doing this is by always reading a book. On your way to church (if you’re not driving), waiting for a medical appointment, sitting around the house, ect. There are many opportunities to make use of those down times.

Let me encourage you if you aren’t already to pick up a book and start reading it, and make a habit of it this summer. (HINT) Check out the book below if you don’t know what to read.




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4 06 2008
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