The Sampler

16 05 2008

New Sovereign Grace CD

A new music project called “Psalms” is due out in July during the WorshipGod08 Conference.

Statistics on Gideon Bibles, Charismatic Catholics, and Other Stuff

See the stats for these categories, its pretty interesting.

Hour by Hour Praying

A common practice among monks, Jews, and other people groups.  The Liturgy of the Hours, is an ancient approach to daily devotions modeled after the way prayer was practiced among the Jews in Jesus’ day.

19-Year-Old Takes City Council

They [young people] aren’t often elected, particularly in cities larger than several thousand residents. Someone forgot to tell that to 19-year-old Chris Brown who was just elected (with 84% of the vote) to the city council of Bedford, Texas — population, 48,000.




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