The Sampler

14 05 2008

Teaching Your Children to Love the Church

Five great ways you can help your child grow up loving the church instead of resenting it.

China Death Toll at 15,000

The numbers keep rising, and they say there are still thousands of people trapped under buildings.  How high will the numbers get?

New Owner of Sharper Iron

Aaron Blumer is now the new owner of SI.  Previous owner, Jason Jantz, has decided to step down because he no longer has time nor the desire to continue this ministry on.

Contrasting Burma and China Disasters

An abnormal reaction for both countries is not what one would expect to see.  Read  what each country is doing that is so peculiar.

Franklin Graham Compromising the Persecuted Church?

Franklin Graham has made a statement that he will not evangelize China because the government law does not permit such activity.  The question that must be asked is, “Who must we obey, God or man?”




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