Blogging Jobs and Networks

13 05 2008

I hadn’t really heard of blogging for money until this past month when I started getting in to blogging more and reading what expert bloggers wrote. At first I thought that was something I wouldn’t want to do because this site is meant to be centered on the Gospel. The only money-making I try to do on this blog is through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Recently, though, I’ve been realizing how good of a job writing in general could be for a student in college. So, I’ve been looking into it more, and I wanted to share what I’ve found. Don’t worry, this blog’s purpose and general content will stay the same. I’m using other means of writing outside of this blog to try to increase my revenue. Here’s what I’ve found:

Freelancing Sites:

This is a bit off topic, but here some great sites that you can submit your blog to in order to create more of a presence with your blog in the blogsphere. Having a presence is especially helpful, though, when you’re trying to get jobs.

Blog Networking Sites:




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