Buck and Run

6 05 2008

Bucking Bronco

A friend of mine here at school always says, “You can’t buck and run because you’ll always deal with the same problems wherever you go; the problem is you.” There’s a lot of truth to that, but it makes one question his motives whenever moving on to something else or wanting a change of pace.

I was talking to my roommates about this last night, and one of them half jokingly said that he wouldn’t call it so much a “buck and run” as he would a “fresh perspective.” For all of us here at college, I think I can say that its been a long year and we’re all ready to be done with school.  We want a break from the rigors of the academics, all the rules, and the drama.

Although we get away from those things here, a whole new set of issues are waiting for us wherever we leave to go to.  I’m going home to a place with different rules, family drama, and the rigors of physical labor (ie. summer job).  I don’t look at myself as bucking and running from a set of problems, I see it more as wanting a change of pace and a fresh perspective on things.

So maybe there’s truth to some people who think they can run away from their problems, but for those of us who know better, is it still something to be looked down upon when we just want a break, but we’re ready to take on the new responsibilities and problems that are waiting for us at our destination?




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