A Finishing Challenge

28 04 2008

Today in chapel, our president, Dr. Olson, made some closing remarks about the last two weeks of our semester.  He said that its typical to hear people tell you to “finish strong” at the end, but that when we’re faced with lots of pressures we tend to become very self-absorbed.  When we become self-absorbed everyone else gets blocked out, and our actions are very selfish.  So, he proposed a new phrase to be used at the end of our semester–“help others around you to finish strong.”

That’s a challenge I’m game for taking on, and I challenge you to do the same.  Whether you’re in school or you have a job.  Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all getting a little tense anticipating the break that is to come.  So do what the Bible says and “love your neighbor as yourself.”




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