Coffey Anderson – “All Ye”

26 04 2008

Coffey Anderson is a worship leader out in California. I came across his stuff while searching on GodTube, and he really hooked me with his music. Its solid lyrics, melodic, and unique. Check out Coffey Anderson “southern man” and let me know what you think.




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26 04 2008

Or you found out about him by seeing me online coming across him.

27 04 2008

My bad, this is true. Brandon did find the video first while I was with him.

12 05 2008

I heard Coffey for the first time in Church. He is so good in person-I right away bought all his music I could find. I am following every trail I can find on the internet-he is that good.

21 05 2008
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18 06 2008
Dr, John Lewis

Coffey is the man!!
As a vocal coach I can honestly say that Coffey has one of the most unique and original voices I’ve heard in years especialy in the genre of Country. I personly think that he is capable of drifting into any style. Coffey is going to go far what ever he places in Nashville.

I’m pulling for him.

25 06 2008

Can anyone send me that lyrics.. all ye

25 06 2008

Jordan: You might have to transcribe it if you can’t find it in a Google search. I did a quick search and nothing came up on the first page. If you ended up writing out the lyrics yourself and putting them online, you’d be a hero because a lot of people that come to my site are searching for them as well.

11 07 2008

i just submitted the lyrics to, but i know some of them are definitely wrong haha. still, i really hope they put up All Ye now that i’ve sent it because i looked for it for a while until i just transcribed them for a while and i hope other people can use them once they’re up!

12 07 2008

That’s awesome! Thanks henna.

14 07 2008
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29 07 2008
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4 09 2008
Sindre Jorstad

Hi everyone!
Can somebody send me the lyrics for “All Ye” on my mail?
God bless ya all!

25 09 2008
adrian gonzalez

yah, i went to az lyrics but when i searched it there not there, can someone email me them PLEASE????

28 04 2009

yeah me too i went there actually been looking everywhere for his lyrics and caint find them

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