Don’t Do It!

24 04 2008
This article was sent to me last night by my brother, Jonathan.  He’s 17 and has a real heart for God as I think you’ll see as you read his article.  He’d appreciate your comments, and I hope this is a blessing and challenge to you.

How many times have I promised God and myself that I wouldn’t do it again?  How many times have I said no, but did yes?  How many times did I think but not act?  More than I would ever want to know.  Each time I sin I don’t get why or how God can forgive me AGAIN!  I completely deserve to rot in hell, but yet I’m bound for perfection.  I hate my sin so much, yet so many times it doesn’t seem so bad before the commission.  The comission…ah yes, that little part of sin that makes us feel good for a short amount of time, and then like in James, it’s gone like a vapor.  The worst part about it is sin is my choice.  The devil can temp me yes…but tempt me is all he can do.  I’m the one who ultimately decides if I want my sin more than I want my God at that moment.

Ah, my God is so good.  If I was God, HA, the only person that would be left on earth would be Jessica Alba…cause she so nicely compliments the scenery.  But everyone else would be gone.  The rules said go and they stopped.  The rules said no, and they went  head first into doing what it is that was not allowed.  Yeah, I’m talking about you.  Well, you and me of course.
I mean, come on, we have a freakin’ manual for how to live our lives.  It’s on paper Y’ALL!  So why can’t we just follow the rules.  It’s not like things work out better when we break them.  Breaking Gods rules only ends up bad for everyone involved.  Ok, yeah I know no one is perfect, but it sure seems that sometimes we strive to be as far from perfect as we can.  No matter how  hard we work at it, or want it, we can never ever overcome sin.  That’s cause God’s not involved.  I can specifically remember cases where I’d be tempted to sin, and I’d ask God to quiet my spirit and give me strength, and He would.  But when ever I would find myself at the finish line of that sin, I’d think back to try to remember how I got there and it simply was that God was no where in the picture when I started.  Sin is unconquerable.  It will never go away, and it will always plague us.

So, how do we deal with it?  How do we deal with the fact that sin never leaves us?  How do we deal with those awful feeling you get after you’ve committed sin?  How do we deal with sin?  Well we go to God.  Ask Him for help or guidance.  JUST DON’T DO IT!   Do something else to avoid appeasing your trashy flesh.  Pray, work out, read your Bible…whatever…just don’t do it.  In your life you need to make it Hard To Sin, and Easy To Do Right.


That means guys, when your tempted to take a peak down that girls shirt, or at that inappropriate poster, or visit a porno sight, or visualize a girl in your mind in a wrong way…

Girls when your tempted to gossip about someone, or judge someone hurtfully, or assert yourself as better than someone else or whatever…STOP…don’t let that temptation get a foot in the door.  Ya see, at that point it is the easiest time to turn from that temptation.  The more you entertain the idea of fulfilling that temptation, the deeper you’re digging yourself into a hole that is VERY hard to get out of.  But if you just stop right at the starting point and ask God for help…if you can resist the sin at that point, it’s like walking away from the dig sight without even so much as lifting the shovel.

Don’t be a moron and think you can handle it…CAUSE YOU CAN’t FOOL!
Trust me, I am an experienced moron to some deep levels and I know.
I thought I could handle it and everything would be all right.  I thought that if I just indulge in this sin a little bit it won’t hurt me and I can get out whenever I want to.  YOU CAN’T.  Sin is like the mafia.  If you get involved at one point, even if its just a little, you will never ever get out.

So what should we do,huh?  Lock ourselves up in an empty room and never come out so we won’t sin?  Of course not, because among many things, we would never get to experience life as God intended us to.  A life full of wonder, joy, love, and hard times.  Hard times?  Yeah hard times.  God puts hard times, sin, and temptation in our lives on purpose.  Now your saying wait a minute.  Why would God purposely put all those things that He hates into our lives?  Well, tell me this genius, how are we supposed to draw nigh to our God if we lived life walking down easy street and we never experienced those things.  If God wants us to learn to rely on Him, He is going to put us in a situation that requires us to do so.  If God want’s us to learn patience, (assuming you’re married) He may give you children.

See, whenever hard times, sin, or temptation enters your life, use it as an opportunity to draw closer to your God.  That’s the bright side of hard times and temptations as it were.  If you handle it the way God intended you to, those things will be something you can use to draw closer to your God rather than farther away, but the choice is ultimately yours.  So, what are you to do next time your tempted to defy God’s rules?  Will you bow to your flesh and give in, or will you use that time to strengthen your defenses against it for the next time?





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28 04 2008

Ha ha! You are a funny guy Jonathan. Yes, this is an area of life that I think we all know so well. The struggle is very hard at times. Lately when this sort of thing happens, I have been reminded of Prov 8:17. It says in the ESV, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” If I seek, He promises that I will find Him if I seek diligently. Another passage that I have been reminded of is in Isaiah 55. Verses six and seven say,

The compassion that we receive from Him is great! Thanks for this post man!

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