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22 04 2008

Let No One Despise You For Your Youth

John Piper preaches a great message from 1 Tim 4:12. His theme closely relates to what The Rebelution is all about.

Bionic Eye “Blindness Cure Hope”

A new technology that could give sight to those who are blind.

Dear Disillusioned Generation

A logical and biblically sound article written to young adults who have “issues” with today’s church.

Church Discipline: Purpose and Practice

Do we kick people out of the church just because we don’t like what they do? If not, then what are the biblical steps of going out this often neglected procedure.

Book Review: The Courage to Be Protestant

Those who would seek to live by the distinctives of the theology of the Bible must have courage to stand not only against the world but against much of the church.





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23 04 2008

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